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The main reason I decided to join you guys is that I believe that you do have a credible solution in addressing “sole source” computer based training solution that organizations would be looking for.Due to the era of downsizing, the training function within most organizations (Corporations and Public Sector) You have to make it easy for them to train the majority of employees without having to go to numerous sources to get training.The other reason is the willingness to assist me in developing this business as a true partnership, not as a dealer. So far so good, but we have a long way to go yet.

I’ve enclosed the following e-mail I received today from a local University in their attempt to sell their online courses in a unique way.Today I called five colleges and they all agreed to put us on their vendor list.I soon will need: 1) Pricing sheets. 2) A way to get links on my website to product description and demos on your site. 3) Procedures and cost for labeling CDs and delivery of products. Hope this helps.

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I am in the throes of reinventing my company, I needed to add IT products to my list of capabilities. commodities such as Dell or HP are OK but the margin is small. I needed to team with partners that could provide a good product that was needed by my clients and was aggressive and professional but also "played nice with others". I also recognized that without investment there is ownership. Investment is a two-way street. It appeared that you would invest in my success (through helping me with marketing and allotting me territory). My job is to invest time (and money) in our "Partnership". To date, I believe that we are on schedule for growth... I believe, and so far, you folks have shown me a willingness to work together and have us both succeed - Bottom line - You didn't just take my money and leave me hanging on my own.



My primary reason was the support you provided both in products, sales strategy and personal concern. As a small business I believe the reputation of Global IT U including its proven track record, financial stability and customer base can benefit thestatus and performance record of HcL.

Like Ray Charles said in his song, "You gotta have something before you can get something, but how you get the first is still a mystery to me," government contractors expect you to have performed successfully on at least 3 contract before they will award you a contract. Duh?